About UBook

UBook is a formatting language designed to simplify the organization of a manuscript so it can be published anywhere.

It is a universal markup language to be used as an intermediary language or a publishing language in its own right.

Its purpose is to simplify the conversion of manuscripts into something that can be easily published, whether converted into another format like Kindle, or used as is. Its aim is to provide a universal format that anyone can create with just a text editor if need be.

How it works

It uses simple markdown-style tags to instruct book reading software what to do. It highlights which parts of a manuscript are chapter headings, paragraphs, page breaks etc. A manuscript is just a plain text file; no HTML, encoding or complex markup.

Here is a quick sample to show how easy it is. This is a very short book with two chapters.


// Title page
$T Book Title
$A John Smith
$P Published by Smith & Jones, New York

// Table of contents
$ Contents

// Chapter 1
$TOCL 1. Boy Meets Girl
$ Chapter One
$ Boy Meets Girl

First paragraph goes here.

This is the second paragraph.


That symbol above is a scene break. The next one is a page break.


//Chapter 2
$TOCL 2. Girl Divorces Boy
$ Chapter Two
$ Girl Divorces Boy

Another paragraph.


And another.


Want a quick overview? Download a sample file that has most of the tags in one place.