Comments and escapes

Comments are human-readable bits of text added to a manuscript that are ignored by book reading software. They can be used for instructions, notes to self, or just to highlight different bits of the text to help keep you right.

There are two types, single line comments and multi-line comments.

Single line comments

Used to add a quick comment or note. Cannot span more than one line and can be added just about anywhere using two slashes.

// All stuff below needs checked
* Get milk
* Pick up kidz // Is this a mistake?
* Buy more milk
Note: as the above example illustrates, comments can be mingled in with text, but only at the end of a line.

Multi-line comments

For use when something substantial has to be added. They work in a similar way to single line comments. Just add another slash.

This is a comment
Spread over many lines
And it needs the three slashes to open and close it
Note: you can add any content to multi-line comments, but you must close it with three slashes.

Escaping characters

To escape a special tag and render it literally use a backslash (\).

This book costs \$9.99.

That dollar sign would be displayed, not interpreted.

This book costs $9.99.

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