$TOC (Table of contents)

The $TOC tag automatically places a full table of contents with links to chapters, sections and pages.

How it works

$TOC is placed wherever the table of contents is to appear in the book (typically near the beginning, after the title page).

$ Contents

It is used in conjunction with normal display content such as headings and page breaks.

The table of contents is compiled automatically using the content highlighted with the $TOCL tag used throughout the book, like this.


1. The Lake of Doom
2. The Mountain of Desperation
3. The Valley of Fear
4. The Road to Nowhere
5. The Cauldron of Vitriol
6. The Seething Box of Shame
7. The Field of Nightmares

Note: the correct use of $TOCL tags throughout the book is absolutely crucial. It is the only method of creating a table of contents to guide the reader.

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